Comprehensive System Inspections

Comprehensive system inspections are key, not just for preventative maintenance, but also for safety. Ammonia can be dangerous in large enough quantities and system inspections of piping can alert you to a deteriorating pipe that may burst under pressure or leak. Pipe insulation may hide rust or deterioration, particularly if has had water leaking on it or there is loose space between the insulation and the pipe where water vapor could form. All electrical components should be checked for fraying, pitting or discoloration. Look for indications of loose wires, voltage fluctuations or overcurrent conditions. These inspections are designed to examine your system in greater depth than the usual maintenance work. They can also give you indications of future equipment replacement needs. The technicians at Sterling Refrigeration are trained to constantly be on the lookout for system irregularities that, if let unaddressed, could cost you a lot of money later. If comprehensive system inspections repeatedly turn up some of the same issues, it could indicate system design or installation issues that need to be corrected.