Compressor Rebuild Services

When choosing to rebuild your compressors, trust in the vendor doing the work is key. There are many companies offering compressor rebuilding services, but the end product quality can vary widely between companies. Rebuilding compressors can save you money – but only if the rebuild is done correctly. A common theme for rebuilt compressors is that the quality of the final job can vary a lot. Why is this? You get what you pay for. There is a parallel variance in the pricing of compressor rebuild jobs, so the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best way to choose who rebuilds your compressor. The pricing often reflects the degree to which a remanufacturer will go in rebuilding your compressor. Since most of what is done is on the inside of the unit, there are many opportunities for remanufacturers to skimp on component quality to save money. At Sterling Refrigeration we don’t skimp, and the compressor we rebuild for you will meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications.

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