Industrial Refrigeration System Design

Creating a refrigeration system for a large commercial/industrial space covering tens of thousands of square feet is a complex undertaking. Industrial refrigeration system design involves safety considerations, as you could have hot gases moving under high pressure for hundreds of feet, for example. It involves economic considerations between energy usage and equipment costs versus cooling efficiency. Controlling the whole system is part of the design equation in the placement of sensors, the controlling software and thermostats, as well as monitoring and warning systems. Our company, Sterling Refrigeration, will design your system and offer total support and training to go with your specific installation, which is customized for the physical layout of your facility and the type of refrigeration needed.

Because of the large amount of customization required in industrial refrigeration system design, you can say it is a mix of art and science. The science comes in knowing how to connect all the pieces to create a functional refrigeration process. The art comes in knowing how to tweak that process to maximize cooling efficiency and cost reduction. There could be situations where there are long runs of piping, moving through areas of different air temperatures, and what tradeoffs to make between using more insulated pipe or accepting greater temperature/density fluctuations for the refrigerants in the pipe, for example.